Saturday, July 21, 2007

Night cycling

(last week's pictures)

Today's one of the best day of my sec 4 sch life. Hands down. :)

So 20++ (can't remember the figure) of us went for overnight cycling! Along with some coaches + teachers of course. Before that we had BBQ in sch, ECP for pool, then bowling (i am seriously...damn lousy man). Man like when will you see teachers bringing the students to play bowling till midnight and all? Heh.

Cycled from ECP to...The Esplanade (yes omg) and back(almost)! 20 ++ people cycling from midnight till dawn's so so so fun i must say. Oh and not forgetting tiring. Duh! Haha. But i swear there wouldn't be a second time. We all couldn't go back to ECP at the last minute thanks to the weather. almost all of us buried our head in our arms and slept for an hour or so at Mcdonalds' while waiting for the stupid rain to stop but apparently it didn't and so we didn't get to continue.

Too tired. Too lazy. Can't think. I. Want. To. Sleep.

Oh my...i wanted to blog a long post bout it cause it was like a damn fantastic experience but i'm too beat to do so and i am seriously in need of sleep like right now.

But before i do...
You must know something...

Twistandkiss has updated!
Dresses + earrings. :)

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