Saturday, July 14, 2007

Put me out of my, put me out of my fucking misery

Today's post supposed to have a lot of pictures but silly me misplaced the damn USB cable.

My dog ate my homework! Ok, he didn't like eat it but he tore my worksheets up! I got a shock of my life when i stepped in my room and found small pieces of paper lying all around. The pieces of paper were it was soaked with saliva (eww), and then realised it was my chemistry notes! I screamed at him and he dashed outta the house & i had a tough time running 6 levels down chasing after that stupid boy. Grrrrr.

But... i still love him all the same. :)

Oh, and he bit my "condom box" and now it's ruined ruined ruined! I can't bring it to class and trick people anymore. :( It was damn fun tricking the guys the past few days. It led to many sex talks. Which was...funfunny. (lol)

Anyway found the 1st tick on his body today. Ticks look freakin' gross! I swear my goosebumps wouldn't go down until 15 mins later. I still get goosebumps just thinking of how the tick looked. Yuck.

I love my sexy cam.

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