Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let paranoia tell you what to do

So like, Sheryl only sent me my pictures and not pictures with her. Good job gooooood job now i only have pictures of me myself and I.

Oh nvm, some pictures is better than none at all.

Yes i cut my hair. There isn't much to make a big fuss about. It looks the same no?

I spent like a bomb on online shopping ytd night. My mom is so bloody gonna chase me with a chopper. I bought more stuff which adds on to my debt (yes debt because i seriously overspent). Not by abit.

Omg someone should like ban me from using my card. It was sucha mistake to register for i-banking. Sucha bigggg mistake i tell you because i have been buying things since day 1 of my approval for i-banking. Which was like say, a week ago.

This must stop like quick because my bank a/c is like empty. I've no more savings. Ok or maybe in some secret a/c my mom don't want to let me know. But like, what if i really have no more savings. :(
All that's left in my a/c is the money i got from the blogshop, which has to go to my mum. Tempted to spend...I want to use to to buy...ok shit no no no! Scream at me please.

Today, is the worse weigh day ever. Today, i hit __kg. I can't believe it's so quick. It's about time i work out!

I am not allowed to use the computer now but well, just 1 entry = 30 mins won't harm i guess!

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