Sunday, August 26, 2007

pic-cha blog is this

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Sorry for the lack of updates dear oh blogggg. You must have missed me, no? :)

Right, so anyhow, i've decided! This blog will be a picture blog. Those wordy&boresthehellouttayou posts go into my Livejournal.

Before i turn this blog into a picture blog, i'll type a chunk of crap first!



Hardly studied for my prelims. I can go jump otu of my kitchen window and land on the ground like bang piak splaaaaash.

Been shopping online nearly EVERYDAY for a week. Spent a lot. A-whole-damn-freakin-lot.

Stupid computer i SO wanna hammer you and cut all the wires which make you alive like snip snipity snaaaaap. You distract me you damn lousy thing! You need to be destroyed. You needa be gone gone gone like the wind!

But...but i still love you. Somehow. (inserts smiley face)

Gotta dash outta my house now.

Love you very much like one million dollahs, T.

Abracadabra turnthisintoapictureblog abracazam zoom bam! ***

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