Saturday, November 24, 2007

fatty fatty bom bom

Ok i'm always eating super much but today, today i ate so freaking much i can't believe myself. Really. I am really super duper chubby and flabby and lazy and ahhhhh sadface x many.

Met J and we had lunch at Yoshinoya + snacks. I must be hungry since i didn't eat so ok can excuse myself. Then we walked around town and headed to CP and i love CP's ban mian & penang laksa x10000000 so i couldn't resist it and got J to eat with me. That skinny girl eats quite a lot of still is so skinny which is not fair, just not fair at all! :(

I can excuse myself for having the penang laksa because that's the only place i know of which sells penang laksa and i love penang laksa, it's like da freaking bomb and it makes me happy and hyper :D but having ban mian too...omg how can you have 2 bowls of noodles (carbo carbo!!) for tea break you tell me?

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I was having bad fringe day. I dont know what to do with my ugly horrendous looking fringe!!

Met loverboy for...

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...durian which sucks ewww so bitter. someone what's the sweet durian called! I know one called mao wang (cat king) which is damn good but only available in M'sia if i'm not wrong.
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...Rocher bean curd @ geylang which's like the best tasting bean curd i know of, hands down. BEST I TELL YOU.

Ok i feel so fat i feel like going for a midnight jog but so scary later kena rape :x choi choi.

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