Thursday, November 22, 2007

tired sooo very tired and am gonna hit the sacks straight after i finish this post.

So anyway, i am so shocked to hear soooo many people spent like idk how many hundreds on prom and me? I spent no more than $60. Seriously man. Idk why i'm so disinterested in getting a gorgeous dress and getting my hair & make up done by a professional. :/ And that's why i look so not for prom that night but whatever it is, it's over and done with!

I met Sheryl dearest after sucha long time and that bitch didn't wanna take photos with me. Like someone please tell Sheryl her hair doesn't suckkk! It was a good outing anyhowz. Me snacking like a pig and her resisting the temptation to eat was great. NOT. Urgh. Luv eu anywayz bitch. Kisshug.

Went for dance and i swear missing just 2 rehearsals is not a good thing at all because i missed out sooooo effing much that i have soooo much to catch up and i really am on the verge of giving up and pulling myself out of this whole dance recital thing. AH DAMN SAD LAH K. :(

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