Sunday, December 30, 2007

deeee axe ohhh

Clubbing yesterday was a mistake...the songs weren't nice and the crowd (benglianz paradise) kinda sucked but seeing J there was goooooood and i can't wait to meet her again.

It was bad bad bad and still it caused a lil shit between d & i. We had a tiff. In town. That was bad because whenever i'm down, i'd buy something to comfort myself. So i, Da Queen of Impulse, walked into Topshop and bought a dress. Just like that. Not thinking of how much i spent this month. Not thinking of how damn broke i am already.

I felt better...NOT.

After i left, i was still pissed and refused to text him till hours later. And it so happened, we texted each other AT THE SAME TIME. DO YOU KNOW HOW SCARY IT WAS OH GAWD NO YOU DONT IT WAS SO SCARY I TELL YOU!! Telepathyyyyyy! This solved everything. No doubt, even God above wants us to stay together. HAHAHA. But seriously, i really dont understand why it ALWAYZ happens.

But it's cool and i'm not complaining.

I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of 2007.

Time flies.

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  1. Your life is really inspiring and i just had to comment on this post..cause you have really come a long way. You took your all the negativity in your life be it people or incidents and made it positive and that is something that is very difficult to do. You are a true hero.