Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Now the cutest lil thangs everrrr.

Coooookie! Freda's neighbour's Maltese. Super duper cute!

And now presenting my 2 lil fur kidz...


My way way way early x'mas prezzie for Loverboy! :) Isn't she an angel!!
Please do not do not ask where and how much i got this lil baby because Loverboy isn't supposed to know so is everyone else, except Freda and Ly of course.


Figo babyyyyy!

Poor baby fell off my uncle's lorry and injured 3 legs! His legs are bandaged so i just blasted $40 to get this cute lil ducky boots. He's so so quiet and is always lying down now. It's soooo sad and i hope he'll go back to the active him again.

K, many more pictures but have got no time to get it edited and all. I've a job and i gotta wake up like oh so freaking early now. So sad but thank god i sorta like the people there.

Anyway i realise i have REALLY EXTREMELY SUPER freaking low tolerance when it comes to people talking/commenting (on lj/haloscan) to me in a rude tone. Today i realise these comments do affect me a lot. Like i received one on my lj and my mood totally swung. That totally sucks because i should be expecting a whole freaking lot of this kinda comments when i start blogging. Oh well, gotta get used to it...

Time to finish up my meal and start sorting out my supre orders which arrived this afternoon.

My favourite boy :D
Yes daryl you lose you lose to figo :P

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