Wednesday, December 19, 2007

many pictures post

I finally found some time to upload and post the pictures. Thought not all but MOST of it.

So life's been really really hectic for me. Well not that of a bad thing actually but not so cool when i don't have the time to spare for my friends and Loverboy. :(

Every single day is all 'bout work work and more work but ok im not complaining no because i kinda enjoy work though it's like the most tiring job EVAHHH. Dont dont dont ask me what my job is on my comment box please dont ask why also, dont dont dont i know it's weird but please please thankewwww!

And i'm really damn sorry but i really have no time to reply the comments on my Haloscan.
Needa rush out to meet a seller and meet da boy.

Anywayz! Nuffnang's coooooooolioxzxz, i earned like $21.50 from that motorola ad. Hehe i think it's soooooooo freakin' cool like free $$ considering the fact i didn't really thought i'd earn and just placed the banner there for fun. Can only cash out when i earn 50 buckaroos. Can't wait for another ad! :D :D SORRY BUT REALLY, WHO DOESN'T LOVE MONEY YOU TELL MEEEEE? :P

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