Friday, December 21, 2007

treasure them really

Today...i heard the worst news ever. It's gonna be so life changing for me. All i feel like doing is lock myself at home and rot and just die like seriously. Please dont ask why because im not comfortable revealing such private things sorry. All i can say is, no one, NO ONE will like it. I broke down like IMMEDIATELY after my aunt broke the news to me. No, no one died. Again, please dont ask why ok?

So like i'd be soooo busy and soon it'll be x'mas, a party at homeclub to look forward to wheeeeeee hooooo, not. Because i dont know if i'll actually have the mood to. :( THIS IS SO SAD PLEASE PLEASE I MUST MUST HAVE THAT HAPPY HAPPY FESTIVE MOOD THEN. Maybe some things shouldn't be thought so negatively. Though it's really hard because there's not really any bright side to look at in this situation. :(

It was going oh so perfect. SIGH OH WELL GOD'S PLAN YES.

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