Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unconscious and awake, miscounting all the sheep

Today, is not like any other day. I completed math paper I on my own. Without anyone forcing me to. This is like sucha great accomplishment. May be nothing to some but to me...it's like wow. I feel so motivated to study today. I shall do all my homework.

Today, i did something bad. I bought a new bag. I know you so wanna kill me. My a/c finally goes below $50. Good luck to me.

Today, i'm not supposed to use the computer. Don't ask me why i am using it now. I don't know why.

Today, i wanted to go for Reggae open class but couldn't find anyone to go with me so i gave it a miss and now i regret. I WILL GO NEXT WEEK. I need to dance again or else i'll like grow fat because i don't do any other exercise other than dancing.

Today, my post is so weird. Who cares. I'm off. Bye.

Let paranoia tell you what to do

So like, Sheryl only sent me my pictures and not pictures with her. Good job gooooood job now i only have pictures of me myself and I.

Oh nvm, some pictures is better than none at all.

Yes i cut my hair. There isn't much to make a big fuss about. It looks the same no?

I spent like a bomb on online shopping ytd night. My mom is so bloody gonna chase me with a chopper. I bought more stuff which adds on to my debt (yes debt because i seriously overspent). Not by abit.

Omg someone should like ban me from using my card. It was sucha mistake to register for i-banking. Sucha bigggg mistake i tell you because i have been buying things since day 1 of my approval for i-banking. Which was like say, a week ago.

This must stop like quick because my bank a/c is like empty. I've no more savings. Ok or maybe in some secret a/c my mom don't want to let me know. But like, what if i really have no more savings. :(
All that's left in my a/c is the money i got from the blogshop, which has to go to my mum. Tempted to spend...I want to use to to buy...ok shit no no no! Scream at me please.

Today, is the worse weigh day ever. Today, i hit __kg. I can't believe it's so quick. It's about time i work out!

I am not allowed to use the computer now but well, just 1 entry = 30 mins won't harm i guess!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's all fucked up, being reserved and quiet

This is like.

School. This I Hate.
Thought of coming exams. This I Seriously Hate.

Pictures some other day.
Sheryl, quick!

I love Sheryl. We understand each other so well. Why of course, Childhood Friend.
Not forgetting my 2 cupcakes, Ly & Freda.
Yes, we must always assure the ones we love that we love 'em!

Support Twistandkiss.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

No one is ugly. Everyone's pretty, one way or another.

Seeing celebrities on magazines/tv/yada yada makes me feel so so so....

What's worst is people going like "you are not pretty at all" or "you are so ugly".

This are the ones who're the ugly ones. I may not know how they look like (yeah cause they're losers who hide behind their computer screens and try to bring down people's self-esteem down) and i don't give a damn if they look damn good or whatsoever.

Why oh why can't some people accept the fact that not everyone in the universe is pretty on the outside?
And so what if you're pretty now, looks won't last forever.

What if someone who's so freaking pretty and has totally bad attitude/what nots?
She'll get all the attention and friends in the beginning. But slowly, after her bad attitude shows, her friends will gradually turn their backs on her.

To hell with people who always tell me i'm ugly. I may but ugly on the outside but i know i'm not in the inside. Like, i dare say that as i've got friends who love me and they won't be hanging out with me if i suck in the inside.

Why this post? Thanks to a girl named Christine who commented on twistandkiss's lj. She could've posted a comment on my personal livejournal but no, she decided to post it on twistandkiss (more viewers).

Anyway Christine said:
i cant stand people like you who is obsessed with yourself anyway.
you did not ask but that doesnt mean that i cant tell you. what would you do if i state my name? go around searching for me? well if you want to, my name is christine. anyway, thats way better than yours. its a pity youre born with a name similar to a girl who got her sex tape leaked. and what can i do but not be HONEST with my opinion? tell lies so that you can contiue bragging your shit face? so youre asking me to stfu? why dont you go fuck yourself first? and seriously, why dont you unscreen these comments? scared of letting people know what i have said? come on, DEAL WITH IT BITCH.

Here's my reply to you:
I am not exactly self-obsessed, more like i chose the road to love myself and be happy doing the things i do. In case you don't know, 'm not that "oh i'm so ugly so i should lock myself up in my house and not do anything and just be sad forever" kinda person.

Hi Christine, lemme tell you this, youre ugly yourself.
I don't know how you look like in real life but know what? I don't give a damn if you look damn good or whatsoever, YOU'RE UGLY IN THE INSIDE.

Who cares if you look good outside when you're a mean ass inside.

Yeah too bad for me. Not like i have a choice to be named that. :(

Why are you asking me to fuck myself when i'm asking you to SHUT UP. STFU = SHUT THE FUCK UP in case you didn't know.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

When you walk away I count the steps that you take

Ballet Under The Stars with Jolene,TM & Sheryl yesterday. Pretty fine. Except J & T had to make S & I feel so...jealous? Lol. Read my lj instead. I don't like blogging long entries here.

Anyway, i'm so glad the response for the ordering of dresses is good goooood. Keep the orders coming in! :)

Tooooodles, xxx!

No use for a name. I like. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Night cycling

(last week's pictures)

Today's one of the best day of my sec 4 sch life. Hands down. :)

So 20++ (can't remember the figure) of us went for overnight cycling! Along with some coaches + teachers of course. Before that we had BBQ in sch, ECP for pool, then bowling (i am seriously...damn lousy man). Man like when will you see teachers bringing the students to play bowling till midnight and all? Heh.

Cycled from ECP to...The Esplanade (yes omg) and back(almost)! 20 ++ people cycling from midnight till dawn's so so so fun i must say. Oh and not forgetting tiring. Duh! Haha. But i swear there wouldn't be a second time. We all couldn't go back to ECP at the last minute thanks to the weather. almost all of us buried our head in our arms and slept for an hour or so at Mcdonalds' while waiting for the stupid rain to stop but apparently it didn't and so we didn't get to continue.

Too tired. Too lazy. Can't think. I. Want. To. Sleep.

Oh my...i wanted to blog a long post bout it cause it was like a damn fantastic experience but i'm too beat to do so and i am seriously in need of sleep like right now.

But before i do...
You must know something...

Twistandkiss has updated!
Dresses + earrings. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

This was the only way we knew how to make everything just OK

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Badly edited :(

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Short bobs are the in thing! But no...no short bob for me cause i am like super duper chubby and and and i will not go for any more of those in-thing hair style and and and nothing beats having long hair. :p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Imma Reggae III graduate! He he he.

Yeah all pictures are badly edited. Am rushing that's why.

Wow i just realised it's been almost a week since i last updated this blog. Been blogging at Lj. Well, like i said, all the wordy posts go to my Livejournal, and if i've got pictures, then here! :)

So like, i've got pictures! A lot of it to be exact.

And...the dresses i ordered have arrived! So that means Twistandkiss will be updated!


I won't be home till like tomorrow morning. Anyway, just do check out Twistandkiss tomorrow afternoon alrighty? :D

I received concealed cash from a buyer (you know who you are) and she had this letter for me. When i read it...i was absolutely speechless. How sweet can someone you completely do not even know (and vice versa) be, you tell me? How can one not be touched! Omg. Thank you Sweetheart. It was really really encouraging. & i will study ok? :)

Oh crap...i am soooooooo freakin' late already.
Gotta run. Till next time! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Put me out of my, put me out of my fucking misery

Today's post supposed to have a lot of pictures but silly me misplaced the damn USB cable.

My dog ate my homework! Ok, he didn't like eat it but he tore my worksheets up! I got a shock of my life when i stepped in my room and found small pieces of paper lying all around. The pieces of paper were it was soaked with saliva (eww), and then realised it was my chemistry notes! I screamed at him and he dashed outta the house & i had a tough time running 6 levels down chasing after that stupid boy. Grrrrr.

But... i still love him all the same. :)

Oh, and he bit my "condom box" and now it's ruined ruined ruined! I can't bring it to class and trick people anymore. :( It was damn fun tricking the guys the past few days. It led to many sex talks. Which was...funfunny. (lol)

Anyway found the 1st tick on his body today. Ticks look freakin' gross! I swear my goosebumps wouldn't go down until 15 mins later. I still get goosebumps just thinking of how the tick looked. Yuck.

I love my sexy cam.

hitting the right spot

Jump for joy! I just got a sexy red camera at a darn good price! Yes, new camera, AGAIN. Hah. Damn fickle-minded please. BUT i'm sure i'll stick to this camera for a long long time. Say a year or so? :)

I hate curfews. I hate curfews.

I'd be selling necklaces + earrings i did last night! Spent soooo much time on it and it turned out to be not very nice. :( Earrings priced at $1.50* & Necklaces from $8-$12!
Come again tonight.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

But maybe someday, I'll be something more than love.

The photographer who took this was super cute i swear! Funny chap.

2nd last lesson for Reggae III today. That's really fast man. There's no Reggae IV. :( Sigh.

Lesson was like super duper fun today. Half of the lesson we did the routine over and over again. The other half we danced freestyle. I love love love (x10) freestyle! I get all serious and really go all out when i dance, which is so scary, so not me, but it shows the serious side of me which's rare! Then when you receive compliments, you'll get the confidence boost because the dance is like your very own style! After Reggae III ends, i still must meet up with the classmates to freestyle!

Ok, i'm really cheery now. He ha ho :D

It was a mistake putting my e-mail up on my friendster profile because irritants are adding me. Oh well, what's done can't be undone.

The worst thing i found out's that...i gained 3 freakin' kg. TH-REE! Gosh. But i grew 2cm. So ain't THAT bad. But still, bad.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Your lipstick stained my heart

I feel more comfortable blogging in Livejournal. Even those super duper stupid things which ain't private at all because at Lj, at least i know who's reading. Ok, but whatever it is, i will still keep this blog because because because people tell me it's more "me". Whatever that means. Ha ha.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Triple 7


Baby boy.

Want to post more pictures but damn, my stupid bra just had to show in those picx. It's nothing but a bra which all girls have on but it's ugly showing it off, to me that is cause uh...nvm long story.

Had a long talk with Freda Love after our supper. I love long talks. Oh and who you have the long talk with is a plus point. :)

I'm always fantasizing. Half the time, i doesn't come true and actually turns out to be the opposite of what i expect it to be. Except 1 thing. Which's for me to know so... (sticks out tongue). Ok so anyway, i should stop fantasizing. No Tammy no, you can't keep having the thought of marrying a rich guy. I must study so hard. Really. Studying should be number 1 from now to my Os. It will be. It must be. I don't want tears rolling down my cheeks when i look at my results. Tears of joy's an exception duh.

What's with me and shopping these days. I keep spending $ on unnecessarily! So on Thursday, before dance, i went walking around the mall alone & ended up buying 3 tops in 30 mins. Not 1 but 3! I didn't even go into the fitting room to try it on. Then on Fri, i came up with a list of things i wanna buy and placed it in my wallet. Shit. Why is shopping always on my mind?! Oh and food too. Of all things, why not studying?!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Post

I'm done with the skin. Pretty simple but i like it. Yay! I better stop changing urls! Annoying, yes i know.

I've decided to remove the guestbook. I need no guestbook! If people wanna leave comments, they can always leave it on my friendster profile. So goodbye guestbook!

I keep falling asleep in class these days. Why oh why oh whyyy am i not paying attention in class. Sigh.