Sunday, December 30, 2007

deeee axe ohhh

Clubbing yesterday was a mistake...the songs weren't nice and the crowd (benglianz paradise) kinda sucked but seeing J there was goooooood and i can't wait to meet her again.

It was bad bad bad and still it caused a lil shit between d & i. We had a tiff. In town. That was bad because whenever i'm down, i'd buy something to comfort myself. So i, Da Queen of Impulse, walked into Topshop and bought a dress. Just like that. Not thinking of how much i spent this month. Not thinking of how damn broke i am already.

I felt better...NOT.

After i left, i was still pissed and refused to text him till hours later. And it so happened, we texted each other AT THE SAME TIME. DO YOU KNOW HOW SCARY IT WAS OH GAWD NO YOU DONT IT WAS SO SCARY I TELL YOU!! Telepathyyyyyy! This solved everything. No doubt, even God above wants us to stay together. HAHAHA. But seriously, i really dont understand why it ALWAYZ happens.

But it's cool and i'm not complaining.

I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of 2007.

Time flies.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Sooo cranky these days...:(
Must be the lack of sleep.
The eyebags. The blemished face.
Oh the horror.

I want to close down this blog (or go on hiatus for say a month or so) because i think i'll start being all nasty with words soon.

Time to head out for work.

Life is going down down down now.
I really don't know what to do with my life now.
I am troubled, i really am. Not over D, or no.
Some things i wish i can tell to many but can't do.

I miss lyeyeeeeeeeeeee.


Thursday, December 27, 2007


Conducting an Urban Outfitters spree on my livejournal.
Support support! :)

By the way, MERRY X'MAS!

P.S Sorry for not replying the comments and all, am so busy nowadays to do so. :(

Friday, December 21, 2007

treasure them really

Today...i heard the worst news ever. It's gonna be so life changing for me. All i feel like doing is lock myself at home and rot and just die like seriously. Please dont ask why because im not comfortable revealing such private things sorry. All i can say is, no one, NO ONE will like it. I broke down like IMMEDIATELY after my aunt broke the news to me. No, no one died. Again, please dont ask why ok?

So like i'd be soooo busy and soon it'll be x'mas, a party at homeclub to look forward to wheeeeeee hooooo, not. Because i dont know if i'll actually have the mood to. :( THIS IS SO SAD PLEASE PLEASE I MUST MUST HAVE THAT HAPPY HAPPY FESTIVE MOOD THEN. Maybe some things shouldn't be thought so negatively. Though it's really hard because there's not really any bright side to look at in this situation. :(

It was going oh so perfect. SIGH OH WELL GOD'S PLAN YES.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

many pictures post

I finally found some time to upload and post the pictures. Thought not all but MOST of it.

So life's been really really hectic for me. Well not that of a bad thing actually but not so cool when i don't have the time to spare for my friends and Loverboy. :(

Every single day is all 'bout work work and more work but ok im not complaining no because i kinda enjoy work though it's like the most tiring job EVAHHH. Dont dont dont ask me what my job is on my comment box please dont ask why also, dont dont dont i know it's weird but please please thankewwww!

And i'm really damn sorry but i really have no time to reply the comments on my Haloscan.
Needa rush out to meet a seller and meet da boy.

Anywayz! Nuffnang's coooooooolioxzxz, i earned like $21.50 from that motorola ad. Hehe i think it's soooooooo freakin' cool like free $$ considering the fact i didn't really thought i'd earn and just placed the banner there for fun. Can only cash out when i earn 50 buckaroos. Can't wait for another ad! :D :D SORRY BUT REALLY, WHO DOESN'T LOVE MONEY YOU TELL MEEEEE? :P

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I saw at the Gucci store a couple of weeks back when i was out with Loverboy and was blabbering 'bout my love for hats (yes thank gawd for it because it's able to hide my hideous bangs).

Then yesterday, Stupid Boy surprised me with something. Something i never thought i'd own for the next 10 years or so because i am never willing to spend so much on just 1 thing (i'd rather go shopping and spend it on 10 tops, 10 pairs of shoes or something...).

It was this (ok close to this, there's no secondary colour - dark green on mine):

He actually combed almost all Gucci stores in search for bucket hats but Singapore's Gucci stores no longer stock up any so i got the last piece. He actually reserved the one i saw at the store but Gucci sales people sold it away.


So he finally managed to surprise me after quite sometime cause i am ALWAYS ruining his surprises. Too bad for him, i can see through him hahaha! BUT THIS TIME...i wasn't expecting it. AT ALL.

I swear my boyfriend cannot be any betterrr, really. :)

Yes you watch out Dino-boy hahaha.

Life can't be any happier for me now. Though work tires me out like REALLY drains me out but the people and all are all so happy, it makes me happy too. Great girlfriends around me though i feel i'm always neglecting them (yes i am deeeeeeeply sorry) because of work. Awesome sweet boyfriend who can't be any better. & momsy for not flaring up out of a suden and being so nice and understand nowadays.


Now happy things for me!

& FEP has a store which has soo many nice fedoras lahzzzz omgz. Sadly i didn't have the moolah to get any yesterday cause i bought a cool telephone and a pair of shoezzz.

Meet up with the girly wirliez later. Prolly gonna take tonz of pictures because it's ly's last day in SG till her school re-opens.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Now the cutest lil thangs everrrr.

Coooookie! Freda's neighbour's Maltese. Super duper cute!

And now presenting my 2 lil fur kidz...


My way way way early x'mas prezzie for Loverboy! :) Isn't she an angel!!
Please do not do not ask where and how much i got this lil baby because Loverboy isn't supposed to know so is everyone else, except Freda and Ly of course.


Figo babyyyyy!

Poor baby fell off my uncle's lorry and injured 3 legs! His legs are bandaged so i just blasted $40 to get this cute lil ducky boots. He's so so quiet and is always lying down now. It's soooo sad and i hope he'll go back to the active him again.

K, many more pictures but have got no time to get it edited and all. I've a job and i gotta wake up like oh so freaking early now. So sad but thank god i sorta like the people there.

Anyway i realise i have REALLY EXTREMELY SUPER freaking low tolerance when it comes to people talking/commenting (on lj/haloscan) to me in a rude tone. Today i realise these comments do affect me a lot. Like i received one on my lj and my mood totally swung. That totally sucks because i should be expecting a whole freaking lot of this kinda comments when i start blogging. Oh well, gotta get used to it...

Time to finish up my meal and start sorting out my supre orders which arrived this afternoon.

My favourite boy :D
Yes daryl you lose you lose to figo :P

Monday, December 10, 2007

Apparel Spree 2

Conducting a forever21 spree on
Yes my fav. clothing brand :)
Fast spree.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

make upppp

I am so glad my complexion improved & i've no idea how. I put foundation almost everyday & it still improved?!?! Ok, i didn't like put heavy make up but still...? I dont even use any facial products except for cleansing foam. When i dont put make up like when i'm in school, my complexion seems to worsen by the day, and when i improved. THIS IS SO WEIRD FREAKY SKIN ON FACE OMGZ but i'm not complaining! So i'm gonna stop relying on the foundation for now and see how it goes. I'm surely not gonna be used to it but no harm tryinggg. I want nice skin please. :)

fret not

My blogskin is so screwed because my Photobucket Bandwidth exceeded and uhm omgz i dont know what's Bandwidth hahaha. I always come across that word but idk what it means. So anywayz 'bout the bandwidth thingo, it'll reset on the 18th so bear with ugly background folks!

I have pictures to upload but dumb me had to leave my cam's wire at ly's place.

Ah anyway i am so excited because i think im going to work hehe not revealing where :P

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Anna Sui Inspired Mirrors

Anna Sui Inspired Mirrors for Sale!

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& more...

Visit my selling journal:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

sick :(

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Feeling so horrible terrible. I don't know why i'm so prone to illnesses.

Am down with fever but thank gawd it subsided yayzzz. Last night my temperature went up to 39 deg, so scary and pure suffering. I felt so so so cold even without the aircon or fan turned on. I wore a sweater and brought my blankie out and slept at the corner of the living room on the floor. It was so sad lah. I hate to be sick. This headache + giddy-ness has been going on and off for like a week. My immune system's like sooooo low.

Good thing i'm feeling wayyyy better now! I wanted to go out today to get a bag but ahhhh can't. Would have to make do with finding it online for now.

Happy thing: Shaker friessssss
Sad thing: Can't eat it because i'm sick :(:(

Some pictures taken before the Oschool recital performance.
Keeping it small cus i think i look ugly fugly with my bangs :( it is so sad.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

& believe it or not, that's all.
Totally didn't have time to take pictures. Oh's okayzzzz!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

singlehood, not.

I am a really impulsive person. Really. Luckily nothing happened, am so fortunate.
So like just because i was neglected for a while, my mind ran while and i was thinking of walking the path of singlehood again. Then i began saying things which was pretty hurtful to Love. I expect so so much from him, it's too much. I feel that his life is mine and all...but that's just wrong. He needs his space and time of his own to do his own things and some times he doesn't have to tell me like, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

So i woke up with a guilty conscience & just had to do something to make up for the unreasonable and hurtful words i uttered. I made him a full course set lunch. Yes i'm glad everything's a-okay now! :D

Ok and i shall share with you people my all time dream car!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I feel like getting a job & saving up $ from today onwards for it. :( but i obviously can't.

If you look at my wish list, you'll know.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

o school recital

It was awesome. Very. :)
All the rehearsals really tired me out and made my schedule oh so packed but all was worth it! Am so glad i didn't really screw up except for a part but i displayed a nonchalant expression and doubt it was noticeable so yayz! Every genre was awesome and the i really love the instructors and ahhhh ok very happy everything went smoooooth.

Am sooooo tired and shall head to bed!
Nitey nitez all you humans!