Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ok so just yesterday, i blogged about how Jingle is staying FOR GOOD. Now...she's gone.
Neighbours complained about her non-stop barking (cause no attention was given to her) (she's an attention seeker). They wanted to report to the town council or something along that line. Jingle had to go live with Love's friend. Ahhhhh the horror. I miss her already. :(

I don't like meeting buyers because most of 'em tend to always want to change the date and time in the end. It annoys me cause like on that day, i'd expect to receive $xx amount of money and then i can't and then i ruins my following days of money dividing and all that crap i know you understand. Sometimes i know they can't help but to change the date because of some emergency they weren't expecting but like, the reasons some people give me are sooo invalid please!

& when i compromise and say something like, i will go down to the place where they live anytime (even if not convenient), and then they come up with another reason. Omgz.

Please please if you really don't have enough cash or something at that point of time and can't meet me, just tell me? Don't cook up some funny reason because it's. not. funny. :/

And i'm not the most free girl in the world. I have work and plans after work most of the time so on the days which i am free (like once in a week) please try to meet me & not change the timing/day ok?
**this post is not referring to any particular girl but it's to ALL those who postpone-d my meet ups non-stop.

On a lighter note, there are really damn nice buyers. Some even write lil notes to pass to me when they pass me the cash. Oh gosh the sweetness AHHHHHH. & those who don't have i-banking, going out in the middle of the night to transfer the money to me via ATM, i appreciate it very very much. :)

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