Wednesday, February 13, 2008

collection B

Check out tonight!

So like i've been staying home a lot these days as i'm working from home and i enjoy it so much i can work from home my whole life haha.

I met the sweeeeetest person today. So we did a meet up and i passed her the dress and she gave me something in return. Ahhh damn touched i want to cry she's so sweet in her note and gave me chocs. Thank you C, <3!! :D

Tomorrow's Valentines' Day and i've yet to get a lot of things prepared. Tomorrow morning's gonna be busy busy. I like being busy anyway cause i'll tend to forget about eating. Today i snacked a whole lot :( and its not doing any good to my buldging tummy oh no it isn't. I feel like exercising but i'm too lazy to. SIGHHHZZ. I wanna take the easy pills! But of course it'll harm my body but but...ok should quit being obsessed with my weight. It's annoying, i know i know.

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