Saturday, February 2, 2008

grow up, shut up

Ok i am sooooo damn fickle. I wna change my course now. I dont know if it's possible though. Gotta wait till Monday and give NAFA a call. I hope it's possible!!

Today we have a new fund raising project and i can't believe i did well. Proud of myself really heh. My legs are so damn weak now urgh. Foot reflexology in need. Damn badly!!

Should stop eating so much. I like eat 5 meals a day. All unhealthy deep fried food oh dammit so so not cool i tell you.

Oh and did i mention i have great colleagues? Ahhh this is the reason why i tahan all the torturous walking around. They're awesome. Today we learnt a lil shuffling. It was so fun lahz i got the basics ok. More Reggae and Locking coming up i think! Sounds very much like working in a dance sch but no i'm not haha.

Some people should learn to grow up, shut up, & stop living in the past because people change.

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