Saturday, February 23, 2008

gayz 4 life

My entry test didn't go too well. Sigh. Like why why can't i, for once, do something properly and be confident in the outcome?! I didn't know how to answer those questions, neither did i know how to write a 300 word essay explaining my own fashion style. The answers for my 10 questions were obviously nonsense. At least i wrote something lah. The essay part...gosh. It turned out to be only 100 words and made 0% relevance to the topic please. If i pass this test it'll really be a miracle. Miracles do happen yes?

Oh btw ver awesome news! Forever21 does internatiol shipping now. Hip hip hurrayyyy!

Still looking for teams of 3-6 hip hop dancers (preferably all girls team)!!
E-mail for info ok?

**Many people e-mailed me thinking i'm looking for dancers to form a team of my own buttttt, ok to make this clearer, it is for a competition, ROMP III @ Zouk Mar 11.

Get your tickets for ROMP III now!
Selling fast!!
Contact me,

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