Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy CNY

Happy Chinese New Year People!
The time you reload the cash in your wallets hehe!

Ay i dont know why some people add me on MSN and like a few days later, they'd be like "Who are you?" & that sort. There's this girl, she added me some time back and like a minute ago she asked why i added her on MSN and all that. Then i said something like i don't add people i don't even know on MSN (i dont even add people to start with cus i'm hardly online nowadays). Then she went "i dont either. whatever." My oh my, i hate her adding that "whatever" word,so i immediately blocked her. I'm a petty bitch like that hahaha. Ok but really, if you wanna add me on MSN, i'm totally cool but please DO NOT insist i'm the one who added you thankew very much.

Anywayz, i can't belive Valentines' Day's coming in like a week's time. So so exciting i hope the ***** arrives by then so i wouldn't have to go last minute shopping for a gift hehz.

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