Friday, February 22, 2008


I wanna post pictures up today but i just went to charge my cam's batteries and am lazy to take the batt out and upload the pictures. Moreover i have to sleep early i've an entry test to sit for omg am so nervous i tell you. Man i need to sit in a class and face i dont know how many unknown bodies alone and i dont like to feel that way i really hope i meet an oh so friendly soul who will talk to me tomorrow hahahaa no no main concern is that i am scared ill get so nervous i wont be able to think properly and just do shit there sighz please wish me luck!

Today freda and i went to her future sch and it's cool i might go there if i fail NAFA's entry test so it might also be my future sch. Next we went to ikea and i got new bed sheets it's so pretty i only buy bed sheets from ikea because it's cheap and nice.

I want a kid so i can buy cute pink furniture for her room yes i want a girl. I've always loved the children section best it's so colourful makes me feel so happy i wish i was a kid again.

What a stupid post i'll consider deleting this when i post up the pictures hahaha.

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