Friday, February 1, 2008

money money money

Ahhhh yes yes yippee yay i've been earning quite a lot from my blog shop! Have almost enough for my DSLR baby. That's reeeeally fast! I mean like i was just blogging bout how much i want a DSLR a few days back and now, i'm getting it in a day or 2. So exciting i tell you.

Very very busy recently and i really want to meet bestie urgh so frustrating to have a packed schedule but at the same time quite fun cause i'm never bored. :)

After getting my DSLR, i'm working towards my dream of opening up a boutique. I know this sounds crazy and all but i'm being serious here! Saving up for that dream will really be damn tough. Oh well...i'll try...
Wish me luck man!

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