Monday, February 18, 2008

oh nooo

Calculated my expenses for Jan - Now, Mid Feb and i already spent a whopping $900 (+++) on shopping, excluding my daily expenses on food, cosmetics, facial cleansers, masks...yada yada. Oh yes, and when i include the $ for my DSLR...shit.
(Please do not take it as i'm showing off how much i spent but more like doing some self-reflection ok?)

I will not worry if i am from an extremely wealthy family but...
sadly i am not! :(

I am so frigging broke now. ++Jobless. Luckily i still have my Twistandkiss to support me!

It's just so hard to stop shopping! I am just so so spendthrift (must be mom's genes).

Excessive shopping is bad already. What's more...

I used to not bear to buy a top/dress costing more than $80. I'd just keep contemplating and walk out of the shop in hope to find something else somewhere else which is cheaper, if possibly nicer. Nowwww? I buy tops/dresses costing $80++ on impulse (not even going to the fitting room to try) and regret it the moment i reach home and just leave it hanging in my wardrobe.

Gosh i am so gonna be broke when i grow up if i do not stop this bad habit.

I know some will start flaming me with all kinds of bull but please spare me from all that for i already realised my mistakes and making an attempt to change but of course i can't gurantee i'll change like immediately. I am only huuuumaaaaan.

I shall limit myself to spending no more than $100 on clothes, shoes & accessories a week.
That will make up to a reasonable $400 on shopping a month. Ok maybe not really THAT reasonable but much better ok. Slowly i'll reduce this limit!

Man, i used to spend only $400 a month (+ everything) when i was in school.

(I realised my posts are really wordy these days, blame me on a heavy camera and a lazy me. Promise peekchures very soon k, :).)

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