Sunday, February 17, 2008

picking up

Last night was so bad. I've never been so freaking depressed in my entire life i swear. I've never abused myself never ever thought i'd do so but last night...sigh.

I actually was reluctant to salvage this r/ship for some reason but in the end, i gave in and took a cab down to see you because i love you ok.

It just hurts me to see the one who means the world to be act like a moron. The annoying part was that he was totally unaware of his actions, leaving me helpless and in a pool of tears . The one who is the light of my life couldn't even be there to comfort me or whatsoever. I just slapped him straight across but he still remained a freak. So this is what i get for giving you a 2nd chance? It was so annoying...yet so painful. I just had to hit myself, hit anything i see to release this anger/misery inside of me.

Because of last night, someone i loved so dearly, has became... someone i hate. You really know i hate it and yet you still have to do something like that.

I've calmed down after my sleep. Still contemplating if i should give him a 2nd chance (ok no more like 1892461nd chance) or not...

See how loving we were back then and how we are presently?

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