Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am so so so drained from all the shopping. Finally, a day out with the 2 lovelies. We spent like > 4 hours walking in Far East Plaza and found nothing. Gawd that sucks i swear. We had the money and thought Fep could saved us a lil but like noooo nothing caught our eye (ok maybe there were some lah). Ended up spending $200 on 3 tops and now i'm so so broke already.

Can't wait for the ang paoz!! And my pay. Weeeeee! I'm in no mood for CNY actually. No idea why. Too fast alr i guess.

I want to upload the pictures but my eyes hurt like shitzoooooooo. I need to wake up tmr for facial. Hehe i love facialz always feel so peaceful thanks to the classical music during the process but the aftermath of it suckz, face would be all patchy & yuckz...maybe it isnt a good idea to do it tmr cus the CNY day is like the following day and i think my face will still be reddish and all :/. Ay we'll seeeeee...

The YouthEmpire is proudly bringing
THE definitive mega-dance party of the

ROMP III @ Zouk,
11 March 2008,
Tuesday 9PM – 4AM

KICK ON your dancing shoes, people, and
look set to party hard, because Romp
is where it’s happening at.

Think you (and your friends) can really
dance? Then we want you!

The YouthEmpire is dishing up a cool
$1,500 for the team we think is
dynamite. Teams should be between 3-6
people strong, all above 15 years old,
to prepare a 3 to 5 minute long
We’re looking to be blown away!
So SAVE THE DATE, party people!

For more details, please contact:

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