Monday, February 11, 2008

why me?

It just sucks when my boyfriend's ex-girlfriends are so soooo pretty and i am the only mfkg ugly one. When i say pretty, they are REALLY pretty like flawless skin, hot figure, pretty face, caucasian look, defined face features...

I just feel so...inferior? It really makes me wonder why oh why did he go after me in the first place? Like, i am seriously not pretty, am nothing compared to his ex-girlfriends. I know some of you are like thinking that i just want people to say "you are pretty. you are not ugly." right? Well, wait till you see his ex-girlfriends then you'll know what pretty is. But then again, beauty is not everything i know i know, but but aiyah really cannot stop thinking!

I can't do anything. I can go under the knife? But that wouldn't happen in another 10 years. :(

As i type this, tears just can't stop rolling down my cheeks. I am really scared of losing him someday to another girl. Some ang moh hot chick. AHHHHHZ OMGZ :(

Then like i am re-assured by people he would never do that but...things are really unpredictable!
Like my cousin was with her boyfriend for 5 years and her boyfriend ditched her for another girl and told her he was bored of her. What if this happens to me 5 years down the road!!! Ok, don't say 5 years, say next week!! I will surely turn crazy and be admitted to a mental hospital. Surely.

It just sucks loving your boyfriend so frking much.

Maybe i shouldn't huh? Haha.

But how can i not love him so much, he is just so sugar, spice and everything nice!

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