Friday, April 11, 2008

busy bumble bee


Was sooo busy the past few days i totally didn't have time to blog or even feel like blogging. Even now, i have a task to do but since i just got home i'm going to rest awhile and take a hot steamy bath but the toilet's used to i'm going to make this little time worth while by blogging.

Yes i'm not dead. Yet.

The following 2-3 days will be packed as well. Actually I like having a packed schedule...somehow.

I want to.... find a job. Everyone's starting school and mine is only starting in like what...JU-FREAKING-LY?! Ok no i'm not complaining i'm pretty cool.

Ok so I don't know what i should work as. :/

On the other hand, I don't feel like having a job because i hate forcing myself to get outta bed in the morning and having to be ordered around to do this and that and having no freedom for like 8 hours or so.

But that's work.

I should find a proper job and can some real working experience huh. ANY JOB RECOMMENDATIONS? :)

So anyway!!
Please don't kill be if i don't reply your comments! I about 50 comments left not replied and many still awaiting my approval. THAT I REALLY AM DAMN SORRY OK! Some people are damn impatient and all but i really really have no time these days please understand i'm human i have a life y'knowwww.

I look so ugly in this picture but i love the background i just had to post it up aiyah damn ugly i know i see like double chin omfrigginggrossdisgustingeww i need to lose weight like seriously my face looks so much like a big fat chicken pau.

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