Monday, April 28, 2008


2 from Nat's fisheye.

So on Sunday night FL asked if i wanted to work at Dior for 2 days and sooooo i agreed because i want to use that money to pay off my damn phone bills.

It sucks.

It's sooooo boring.

I just stand/sit there and people watch.

It was quite good at first seeing all the pretty, hot, skinny chicks walk by.

Then it got reeeeeally boring. Like with a capital B. I swear.

I started playing with the testers. Was really fun. I love make up! Piled a lot on my face. Until i tried all the Dior products. I sat down to rest.

& my eyes started shutting...

Then!! I talked to the other bored girls from the other booths.

The nice indian girl at the Clinique booth beside mine who, like me, so happen to be there for the 1st day, came back to the booth (i met her when i first stepped into the briefing room) she's damn friendly and we talked & we talked, i continued piling Clinique + Dior's make up on my poor face till closing time.

Thanks to the oh so brilliant me for the piling of make up non-stop hitz i have 2 new pimples. \m/ not!!!!

Baby picked me up from work and we had a stupid talk because i was inferior &&& i still cannot get over the fact he chose me out of the 29618946 girls out there who looks x864014623 times better than i do.

This is the 0274273687 time we had this talk.


Oh anyway we're good already.


Should i work tomorrow?!?! Or should i not?

2 days left only (but im already dying on my first)!! So like.....HOW??

I complain when i'm bored and feel so happy when i'm busy ahahaha i'm weird like that :6

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