Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The Berlin Wall is coming to Singapore!

Donated by philanthropsists Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hefner III, four slabs
of the Berlin Wall will be arriving in Singapore and we are proud to be
part of the team involved in this monumental project.

Since our official launch on the 4th of January 2008, we have entered the
first phase of the project - The Call for Ideas Competition. The Call for
Ideas Competition involves receiving designs from everyone
- Singaporeans
and non-Singaporeans alike - above the age of 15 to submit their proposals
which, once selected, will be implemented into a design solution and
finally constructed into a facility (such as an F&B outlet) to house the
four slabs of the Berlin Wall that is both functional and attractive.

This physical facility aims at creating a fun and attractive environment
to surround this important historical piece, in order to sustain public
interest to the Wall from the moment of its unveiling.

Registration for interested teams or individuals will end on the 10th of
April 2008

For more information regarding the Competition and the Kings of Freedom
t, please visit, or email us at

Hope to hear from you and we look forward to receiving your entries soon!

It is a very meaningful project and if you're reading this, do consider joining!!
Remember to visit: and register!! It'll be a fun-filled experience for all, i know it would. :)

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