Tuesday, April 22, 2008

new layout

I cannot seem to lose weight.

Yeah you're right...i guess i chose the wrong midnight snack huh.

Pictures from Sunday.

I like this clean look. Do you?
I found a liking to simplicity now.

Pretty busy these few days but didn't i mention previously how i luv being busy? So i'm not gonna complain!

Spent my day with Freda & Sheena they came to my crib to chill after a rather long day yay i found a fellow tao kae noi fan we bought 6 packets and gobbled it down in no more than an hour. We're cool like that. Oh yes and with the sinful Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!!! I've no idea what happened to, "Ok, this shall be our last meal for today" said Sheena at 3pm.

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