Wednesday, April 16, 2008

retail therapy

Oh yay! I got some new clothes to get rid of the heartache. Yeah lost 3 pretty brand new f21 clothingss (& a lot of clothes which i wore last week). So much for waiting so patiently for 1 month only to lose the clothings from the spree just like -that.

Well i guess i must never repeat my mistakes ever again!!


Today E and I met up for a mini shopping spree which i enjoyed pretty much with all the catching up and stuff. We've been classmates for 7 years i think?

Not many friendships last the way ours did. Ours was a friendship which was a crazy roller-coaster ride. It was fun & scary at the same time. A friendship i didn't know if we truly liked each other but we still stuck together thru the years but of course, i still felt a bit of love & mutual trust between each another even though the unhappiness also existed (like behind each other's backs,we'd tell another person about each other). Come to think of it, it's quite weird lah

Though there were really a lot of quibbles in this friendship, glad we still salvaged it and kept in contact. I'm sure we still have imperfections in us (which we both cannot stand) but to keep this going, we should just ignore the flaws and cherish whatsoever time we can have with each other while it lasts.

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