Tuesday, April 1, 2008

secret place

Today...i decided i wanna be tan because Eugenia said i looked better tan and well i trust a friend that i've known
for years and well yeah!

However...the weather...sucked.


We went to our secret place instead of sentosa.
(don't ask where plz because i don't really want a lot of people to know and well...that is why it's called a "secret" place. y'know...sometimes people have to be selfish? so sorry!)

It's a beautiful place...yeah you can see from the pictures!

Hi favourite girls, i really really wanna stay online to send you all the pictures but i think i'm falling ill. :(:(

AND I CANNOT AFFORD TO FALL ILL...because the party @ Butterfact. is...later.

Sooo...i'll stop all the editing of pictures & get some good rest. I will send da rest soon! :)

Meanwhile, make do with all these! Quite a lot, no? Heh!

WLY!! I really really wish you'd be able to join us ok! But you've got school :( Please don't think we're leaving you out in fun dearie, WE STILL LOVE YOU TONZ but meanwhile, please study hard okay? We want you to do well in your Os and not regret like how we did.

It's 1st April already!! APRIL FOOL'S DAY. :D

Make your way to Butterfactory tonight!! I CAN'T WAITTTTTTTTT.

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