Sunday, April 27, 2008

silly poo

I can't help but to laugh at myself when i think of last night. So D stayed over and he had a really really bad cough which scared me a whole lot. Throughout the whole night i felt so scared for god knows what reason and i cried and cried because i was scared he'll die of coughing. HAHA SUPER STUPID REASON TO CRY OVER I KNOW. I don't know why the thought of him dying actually crossed my mind?!?! So for the whole night, i couldn't stop tossing and turning. :(

Today (ok it's after 12mn so lets just say,YESTERDAY)

After the rather long meeting @ Spin, F & I met Ly!!

How i wish ly didn't have school so she'd be able to hang out with us like all the time and not only once a week. :(

Well at least we get to meet at least once a week or 2 lah!
Can't wait for her hols!! :)

K, I just realised that i have a really busy schedule tomorrow and i've to be up at like...8am or something?!?! OH GOSH I HATE WAKING UP SO EARLY. :(

Shall go bathe now. Man i'm so sticky. Eww.

Oh yes, Twistandkiss has updated!


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