Thursday, April 3, 2008


I got new extensions and it's so nice and soft and TANGLE-FREE!


I did without the blonde streaks this time. Thinking of dying my hair....colour to recommend? Or any photos of nice hair colour? Lazy to find :X

Or maybe i should save the $ for my _____ next Sat.

We'll see!

Oh yes and some people are DAMN dumb ok. I mean like, YOU MEAN IF SHE TAKES OUT HER EXTENSIONS, I CAN'T? Extensions have a life span of only 2-3 months. When it gets seriously tangled, you MUST take them off if not you will loss a lot a lot of hair when you delay and take it off later. MINE HAD SERIOUS TANGLES AND I TOOK IT OFF. NOT BECAUSE I COPIED HER -.- I had to re-do my extensions what. :/ So please, DO NOT BE SO STUPID?

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