Thursday, August 7, 2008

About Red White Party

About tomorrow's National Day Party...

It's at a beautiful bungalow (went to check the place out today!), Action Theatre located at 42 Waterloo Street!

It's at the lane in between The Coffee Bean & Singapore Arts Museum (there's DOME there) opposite SMU!
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis,City Hall, Dhoby Ghaut! :)

If you need tickets, contact 93849994!

See you there! It's gonna be soooo fun i'm very excited hehehe.


Got a call from ______ regarding issues with ******.

None of my business but i really feel so unfair for _____!!

I cannot believe how some people's mind work...i mean like, it doesn't mean that if you dislike someone, the whole world will/must dislike the person as well? It doesn't mean _____ is friends with me, that means she's a bad 2-faced bitch. It means she's like neutral because i don't have any shit with her. FYI, unlike you, i don't tell all my friends to dislike someone i dislike -.- Plain child-like mindset you've got there. Seriously. Moreover, _____ has never bitched about you to me. Guess you just lost a good friend just because she doesn't share the same view as you over just 1 single issue? That goes to show what a true friend you really are and how much you treasure your friends...

Also don't know how accurate this source is but, heard you hate your friends being prettier than you? Gosh!

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