Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've just made a very important decision. Important because it concerns my future. It is a stupid decision to many people who don't know me or understand me. In life, you've to take risks. You either succeed or fail. If i fail, let this failure teach me a lesson.

My mum, unlike many parents out there, is supportive of whatever decision i make. Which made me very touched because my mum really thinks highly of me so i really mustnt let her down!! She said she allows me to make this decision because she, like me, sees no point of me doing something without being able to put my whole heart into it. Also, she said my future=her future so her allowing me to make this decision means she knows i can make it! However, then again, there's no confirm gurantee chop chop so let's just pray hard everything goes well. :)
So for now, till next year, i'll be doing a whole lot of market surveys (by shopping,shopping & more shopping!) and yup, working at different places

About the fees i paid, sigh....what a pity to see that amount of money fly away.
Oh well!!!

And the school mates i've to do without now...I feel like crying! Especially when Shermin said i'm missed by them girls and it feels weird not having me around like...AHHH!!! THAT was the HARDEST part of leaving school. But we are meeting to party hard the end of this week yes? I. CANNOT. EFFING. WAIT.

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