Thursday, August 21, 2008

Face Lifting Cream

The knock on my head (was sitting up and attempted to lie down without looking back to check the distance from my head to the wall and ended up knocking my head real hard against the wall) 3 days ago left me with a bad headache. Only went to see the doctor today and as expected, doc gave me pain killers. So predictable.

I hope the pain goes away tomorrow. Please. I pray it wouldn't turn out to be some damage to my skull brain whatsoever!!

So for a week, i've been religiously applying my Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream.

Bought it because the advertisement made it seem so...instant and who doesnt love instant results!

But then again...never believe what you see on TV, the internet...yada yada... still someone who believes all of that. Very easy to con me!

Hoping my face will turn from this to









I even bought a nose clipper from Sasa because i want to have a nice & sharp nose!!! However, the boyfriend and mother think i look extremely silly with the clip on my nose and they always go "If it works, then why do people have to go for plastic surgery?" then i'm always like "OH YA HOR...".

Still, rather spend $14 on some dumb nose clip than go spend a few ks on surgery = a lot of pain. If you don't try, you won't know!

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