Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hullo Earthlings!

Twistandkiss has updated with yet another collection with pretty exclusively imported pieces!

Enter HERE.


The lunch buddies! Though there are a couple of missing people :(:(

Fri was the most awesomest day spent with the mates because we did what we all enjoy doing that's like...eating!! I still cannot believe the amount of food i stuffed myself silly with the entire day. Was eating almost every single hour we're free? Gosh. It was crazy but it was gooood. Food makes us happy! Then it ended up with Sherm, Joy & I @ town shopping but i didnt buy anything cus some stupid lady took away the jacket i wanted to buy!! She was...rude ok. Stupid lady. It totally killed my mood!!! But it was still a good day i enjoyed it so much i cannot wait for more to come!!


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