Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lace Ups

This pair of lace ups cost me close to $70 (with shipping included) from Ebay.com.
However it's unique so i guess it's worth it but the quality is lousier than i thought, so doesn't look like it's worth $70.

Anyhow! I had to go to school to hand in a letter and after that met the NAFA girls for a good 1 hour. :) Made me miss school so much! Can secretly sneak into combined class with them to make noise pollution hehe. That is if i can get through the tight security...the indian lady's sure to ask for a pass and i've no more pass me is nafa student no more. :(:(

On a side note,am glad i don't have to face the stress they're facing! Can't wait till they're free from all the homework. SLUMBER PARTY SOON!!! :)

My mum's extremely cranky today for god knows what reason. Very Annoyed.

Heading to siglap to chill in a while. WAFFLES @ HALF PRICE WOOHOO!!

Click (here) to view the collection! :)

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