Saturday, August 16, 2008


So yesterday i met my NAFA girlfriends to partyyyy!

Ahh I'm damn happy to see them! But not all of them could come down last night :( Nvm, soooooon ill see em all! :)

Finally settled down at M.O.S

What started off as a great night ended very badly because my qt Shermin lost her phone and i suspect it must be that guy beside me rahddajdkanlcayuwgq. Hoping that the next time we party in 2 weeks time nothing bad will happen and all will be able to go party together!

I LUV U GIRLS 2 BITXZ SORRY I HAD TO LEAVE SCH :(:(:( Btw my camera is with sherm so ask her for the pictures!! :)

Ok suuuuper restless today!
No mood to type.
Oh is my Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream working!?!?! Hahaha ok man i don't think so but maybe if i use it for another week i'll be able to see visible results!! I hope it works i h8 my fat face to the coreeeeeeee.

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