Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Picture post!

Greetings from Fat Face!

Here's an image heavy post!!

Evelyn! Super pretty girl:)

Wendy & Louisa!

Lulu & Shermin :)


Sofiiiiie - Super cute.

Michelle & Evelyn!

Charlene :)

Don't you realise i look....different?

Because my eyebrow piercing's gone and so are my extensions! Added a couple of blue, blonde and light green streaks (this was not intended! i think the lady accidentally mistook the blonde for it) in. SO AH LIAN. And i hate straight hair. My hair looks so rebonded now. Hate it. Want to curl it but the stupid hair dresser wasn't willing to curl it for me that day when i had a lot to spend..:( Now my money's gone to shopping on ebay. I spent $185 on it just last night. On 2 items only. Leggings + Shoes...:( The shipping to SGP's a killer. I wish i was living in the states somehow.

Since the day school started till now, i've been eating 3 full meals every single day with NO exercise at all. I also snack a lot in between these 3 full meals. If this goes on, i'm going to look so much like an elephant in no time. Well, not like i don't look like one already,maybe a mini one like Dumbo...

soon it'll be like what...an African Elephant!!!! Ok i totally googled that...i have no idea which elephant's the biggest in the world but now i know!

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