Sunday, August 10, 2008

Red & White Party

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So yesterday marked our first anniversary! It's funny how we were in the same school for 3 years but never once exchanged any word or even meet each other's eye. Sometimes i wonder...why me? Why? His ex-girlfriends are only the hottest and everyone knows that i'm nothing compared to them. Seriously. So like, i always think he's not serious with me...But only after we crossed the 1 year mark, i realised he can he not be serious after all he's done for me?

Maybe it's not the looks, i'm not very blessed in that department, but the chemistry we both have.

From the first day we met, i just knew we'd be together. I don't's like i never felt any more comfortable with any one else before.

The place we always met up at the start of the r/ship :)

Woohooo! High up in the skyyyyyyyy i can see your house!

Yeah, just a pen!! :) Got it from a push cart at bugis for $8?

Buffet! Ate so much it was like eating my upcoming 3 days meal in advance!

So many memorable things happened today. I'm glad you liked my surprise but of course, it's nothing compared to what you did!
I love whatever you did, all the gifts...every little bit of today!

I hope this lasts...i really hope it does. You can be such a sucker sometimes. But i really hope after every quarrel you'll learn from your mistakes and try not to do it again. It's hard, i know, but if you really love me, try.

And yup, that basically sums up yesterday and 2 days ago! :)

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