Sunday, August 24, 2008


Jovene, Me, Freda, Donna & Christelle.

Yesterday, went down to Zouk for a fashion show with couple of friends modelling. Looking at those pretty dresses made me wish i knew how to sew. I know i can learn that in school if i stayed longer... but because i hate the theoretical stuff...

Anyway, after the show ended, everything kinda sucked because we couldn't find any way to go into phuture because it just wasn't possible for anyone to sign the 9 of us (possibly more) in. Never mind soooo looking forward to Baybeats & maybe to party after that woohoo!! :)

Today, out for dinner at Astons with my favourite girls! Am very very very happy because finally...:)

My beloved camera's still with Freda though. :( Can't believe i asked her to bring out my stuff today and she ended up forgetting to return it to me despite complaining about the weight of her bag with all my stuff.

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