Monday, September 1, 2008

Am so tired...

p.s I won't reveal where i got my leather jacket BUT i know Topshop and, if i'm not wrong, MNG, has nice and affordable leather jackets!! Now hope that helps....

...but still going to do a post before i hit the sacks and wake up early to take pictures for Twistandkiss!

By the way,i don't need a web designer already. Have decided to design the site myself. It's not that hard since i want it to be really simple. Best part? It's F.O.C!!! Should be saving up the money for more important stuff...

Maybe when the no. of unique visitors per day hits above 3k, i'll consider!

My 3 beloved (Daryl, Ly, Freda) are having their holidays now!! So this week will be exciting (i hope!!)!

Absofkinglutely. Cannot. Wait. (insert big yellow smiley face here)

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