Thursday, September 4, 2008


I dont wear specs, but i bought a pair because on days when i feel uglier than usual, like today, ill just put it on. I know it will make me uglier, but i can blame the specs. Ok i swear this sounds so stupid. It's just me. Yeah...

Finally a date with the bestest! It's been loooooooong. However you still mean a lot to me. I swear. :)

Tummy is huge. I look...pregnant. Yuck.

And also i gained another kg. Like wtf. I should STOP going out with my friends. Going out with them makes me eat. A lot. Cus i just cannot stop thinking of food. I don't get why some people can go "i want to gain weight...i'm too skinny...". Seriously. Gaining weight is soooo easy, no? Food's almost everywhere! Resisting WAY harder.

Wish i was like last time. I loved exercising last time. However, all my girls have now turned into lazy bums,like me, so it's pretty rare for us to go work out at the gym together.

Maybe we should! Since we cannot stop complaining about our weight gain!

Next trip, TO THE GYM. Ok? We will all be thin together!!

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