Wednesday, September 17, 2008



With so many new blog shops coming up...we've got so many more choices to shop at!

However...we've to be very very careful about scammers.

Have you heard of the recent love-culture issue?
Apparently, the owner of love-culture puts up some rather attractive items at very unbelievably low prices and sends out invoices with other people's a/c number in an attempt to frame the recipient of the $ up...

That is really VERY stupid because what will she gain?

Nothing but trouble...

So beware girls!

Here's a safe site which you can shop at!

Spotted a couple of similar (to Twistandkiss's) items at her site!

I know how many of you are disappointed when you don't receive any invoice from me because the item is either sold out or pending... can now visit dadigirl to see if she has the item which is sold out at my site!

Her prices are also very reasonable!

Here's a preview of a couple of items i spotted at her site which i personally think you people will be interested in!

So what are you waiting for!

Visit dadigirl now! :)

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