Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 1

Today's Day 1!

Currently weighing a hefty 49kg for a girl standing at 165cm.

I'm aiming to go down to a 45kg in one month's time. Seems quite impossible? But i'll try!

For lunch, i had mee pok (Was craving for it since last night but didnt have it cus SUPPER IS VERY BAD! Proud of myself!) and a packet of white rabbit sweets (gosh i MUST stay away from sweets!). For dinner, i had 4 different types of fruits and a cup of milk tea! Very happy! I suppose today's successful! It's been long since i've eaten so little. Yeah it's considered VERY little for someone

The exercise:
Climbed the stairs instead of taking the lift to D's place which is 9 storeys high. I shall make it a habit to climb the stairs instead of taking the lift. I live on the 6th storey so it ain't that bad!

So i stayed over at the bf's place last night and before sleeping i just had to entertain myself with photobooth...

How can anyone look so ugly!!!!!

Does anyone wanna buy this tank top from me (only used it to sleep...haha)? Ive no idea why i bought it. It's from Topshop btw, a UK8! I cant remember how much it was. You offer, i decide if i wanna sell it to you or not! Be reasonable :)
Eh i don't want to sell it already lah :(:( Grace told me it's now selling at $23:( DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN YOU BUY SOMETHING AT XX AMOUNT AND AFTER A FEW WEEKS, IT GETS REDUCED TO CLOSE TO HALF THE PRICE?!?! Damnit.

Tomorrow will be an outing with the NAFA girls! Super excited!!! But the eating part is making me very scared because i'm just so scared i'll give up and eat...

P.S Got a few comments regading people who're my height and weigh around the same but yet still look "anorexic". Well, i am DEFINITELY 49kg and will not want to lie to xxxx people reading this space. I may not look the same as you but i really am 49kg lah!!!! Maybe because youve only seen my legs which is my problem area!! My thunder thighs and my muscular calves!!! RAHHH IT'S SUPER HARD TO GET RID OF IT I WISH I WASN'T SO SPORTY IN MY YOUNGER DAYS.

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