Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 10

My fav pictures!!

I just gobbled 4 sausages (i cannot resist's one of my many fav food!!) and a piece of toast for breakfast(the most important meal of the day!) while watching GG on better keep me full till dinner time!

This was the mentioned package i received VERY quickly from F21 (took only around 6 days if im not wrong!)! Woohoo mine...all mine!!!

I'm thinking of ordering another batch tomorrow. Have a couple of things in the basket ready for me to check out!

After seeing so many comments asking me NOT to get the chanel stockings (:(:(:()...i decided to spend the $ on CLOTHES AND MORE CLOTHES. A girl can never have enough clothes! And bags. And shoes. Right?? Haha.

I'd be able to save the rest! Which is something i can never seem to do...but i will try! Maybe create another a/c and make sure i don't touch a single cent in that a/c. Brilliant.

Will update this page at the end of the day...

Hopefully i won't end up complaining about how much i ate...

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