Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 11

I'm happy!! I ordered another batch of items worth US$197 from Forever21 again!!! Also ordered a tee from bloodisthenewblack and i can't believe i got my first tee from queens couture for about $2x more. I am contemplating a gucci or supreme cap now...hmm...

OK today instead of jogging, i decided to walk 4km since people say walking is better?

Morning: Yogurt
Lunch: Healthy kway teow soup with 5 chilli padis!! I am chilli addict hehe.
Dinner: Preserved veg+steamed chicken with rice and.....carrot cake:(:( i was craving for it for days what...

Bought a tea called "Fruity tea" (lazy to check the actual name...sthng along that line lah!) which will help you detox? According to freda who read it from "mind your body". Hope it helps! :)

I went to get my external flash for this photography job on Sat! Super excited! Aiming for fish eye lens now! Actually i can get it,but just not willing to spend on camera stuff...not now...

It sucks that i can't upload my pictures directly to my laptop.

Have to use my mother's desktop and transfer it to a thumbdrive which is sooo troublesome!

Need to fix my desktop.

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