Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 13

I went for a brisk walk and jog in the morning for about 45 min!

Breakfast: 2 chocolate cookies
Before Lunch: Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dog (and it was gooooood!)
Lunch: Steamboat!!
Dinner: Snacked on Tao Kae Noi and a plate of mixed fruits

So i ate normally...or maybe a lil more than your usual normal meals for a day but yeahhhh....i did exercise what!

Tomorrow i shall be stricter!

I'll have the korean maggie mee i bought from the seoul mart! Was sooooo tempted to have it for supper tonight but NO!!!!!!!

Hopefully i'll not be lazy to go jogging/walking tomorrow morning! Initially, the plan was to go for a morning swim...but unfortunately, the time of the month is here...yeah you know!! THAT SUCKS cus i think swimming is really effective (thank you the one who recommended swimming!).

Boyfriend was sucha sweet tart yesterday night (well not only yesterday but...all the time!), he came all the way to my place just to drop off a cup of my fav bubble tea to make my day a lil better(cus i was busy doing the pictures for Twistandkiss nearly the whole day)!

How'd you feel if you wanted your boyfriend to help you with your business(and he will also be earning way more than what his current boss is paying him) but he refuses because he says you'll look down on him?

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