Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 14

When i woke up yesterday morning, the first thing i did was to GO COOK MY KOREAN MAGGIE MEE AND IT WAS GOOOOOOOD!!

It was such a huge serving so it lasted till 4pm and i had a large pack of tao kae noi(sigh i cannot stop it...i eat it almost everyday and didnt blog abt it because i saw it as HEALTHY GOOD CUS ITS SEAWEED AND SEAWEED IS VEG...till i turned to the back and counted the calories...god...NO WONDER I LOOK LIKE THIS!) and cookies for tea time. Dinner was wan ton mee and my fav milk tea.

URGH WHAT HAPPENED TO "Must be strict tomorrow"...

I ALSO WENT FOR A JOG FOR ABOUT 30 MIN...I wanted to go longer but the sun...STUPID WEATHER. Think im 2 shades darker now after all that swimming and jogging...


Heard there's this surgery (whatever it's called) to make you fair? I want!!

Oh speaking about surgery,i cannot believe how the girl i have a major crush on,the girl i would die to look like...looked like last time.

I knew angelababy had surgery but like i always thought...HOW DIFF CAN SHE LOOK?

Then yesterday, during my free time, i decided to look for her before surgery pictures and i swear i got a shock of my life ok!!!

This is angelababy now!

(all pictures taken from her blog)

And believe it or not...

This was how she looked like before surgery...

(credits: xxxxx)


If you can afford plastic surgery...would you go for it?

***P.S I received a couple of comments saying angelababy didnt do any surgery?
I assumed she did because i was led to that chinese forum from a forum talking about plastic surgery (and her pictures from the past)...and because i cannot read chinese,ive no idea what the whole thread in chinese was about. Ok but then again, i really am not sure which forum's giving the right info and which isn't! You can never believe what you see/read on the net! But whatever it is, i still love angelababy!!!!!!

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