Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 15

What i'm wearing (now)!

Long Tank: Topshop
Lame Leggings:
Flower & Feather Brooch:F21
Bag: Miumiu

Doing a great job saving money and resisting the temptation of online shopping.

I just add things into the cart every now and then and try my very best not to click Check Out.

Continue doing this for another week or so and i'll be able to save $1xxx! That means i can go shop like mad at a go OR GO TO BANGKOK! Will most probably go with the latter...

SO excited!

My diet plan went pretty smoothly yesterday! I had maggie goreng for brunch...and then came dinner time, i had hello panda, yoghurt and a piece of toast when i got home. Oh and a lot of fruits! I eat a variety of fruits every night because i need to snack on something whenever i watch tv and my mum too, so she never fails to cut fruits!

Went for 45 min brisk walk/jog this morning! Ate an egg for breakfast and will have lunch in a while with Shuting (oh i'm at work now btw)! She went to buy me juice so if i'm hungry after lunch, i shall not snack but drink juice to keep me full! :)

It's already half a month and some people can see a change in my size (but i can't seem to) and i'm hoping that after a whole month, i can see an obvious difference!

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