Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Fact

I've something interesting to share....

Shorter workouts are the way ahead for those seeking rapid results.
Why? Longer workouts can actually cause your body to hang on to its bodyfat stores.

I know. It seems totally counter-intuitive. Backwards logic.
But it's true.
Here's how: When you overtrain by working out too long your body can
overproduce a hormone called cortisol. You may remember cortisol from
those cheesy commercials a few years back. The supplement sharks
tried to rip us all off with "coritsol-lowering" pills.


All you need to do is chill out a bit and workout less frequently. Frequent
workouts, especially long workouts, increase cortisol like you wouldn't
believe. And cortisol does in fact cause your body to want to hang on to
that stubborn belly-fat. Even worse, cortisol tends to increase muscle
catabolism. That means your body is snacking on the very thing you
need more of in order to stay lean: muscle.

Not a good combo is it?
Cortisol is just one of the many bodily responses to over-stress caused in
part by over-exercise.

(Source: Unknown. H found this from the net & sent it to me....Thanks!!)

Walau...exercise also can become fat...don't exercise also fat!!

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